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What is uGlobally Hub?

Founded in Brazil and incorporated in the Netherlands, uGlobally focuses on helping innovative companies access international markets.

Since 2016, we have advised more than 250 companies in 40 countries in international expansion projects. With the mission of removing the barriers of internationalization, we combined the experience acquired in several successful projects and created exclusive tools for those who wish to expand into new markets.

At uGlobally Hub you will find all these resources and also have opportunities for special consulting and mentoring. All the steps for a smooth and effective international expansion brought together in one place and available according to your moment and your needs!







uGlobally Hub Resources

uGlobally Tools

International expansion tools to support the development of your international strategy and facilitate your decision making process.

Market Fit Calculator

An exclusive tool that presents macro information from every country in the world to support your market research. You also get the % of your market fit in different countries, based on your market selection criteria.

Collective Mentoring

Monthly group sessions to answer questions, exchange information, knowledge, useful tips and updates on the main market trends.


We support a community of startups around the world, sharing global opportunities and creating a global network. Valuable tips, experiences and contacts to help your company to expand abroad. 

Request Your Class

Do you want to explore a specific subject? Share your needs and questions with us and we will prepare a special class on the subject you want to learn.

Individual Consulting

Get 1h of individual support to help you develop your strategy and grow your business across the world.

Coaches Cupom

Get special discounts on consultations with our coaches and mentors around the world. With no travel expenses, local experts will help you validate your new market and provide deeper insights than months of documentary research.

uGlobally's Support

Our internationalization specialists are ready to answer your questions and support you in all stages of this process.

Exclusive Content

Foreign market expansion is risky.
We make it easier!

João da Silva
Rodrigo Olmedo
Rodrigo is a Brazilian entrepreneur with a background in marketing and international business. 

He has lived on three continents and co-founded two companies - a digital marketing agency and uGlobally, where he has supported more than 250 innovative businesses with their global strategies.

Based in the Netherlands, he is highly involved with the European innovation ecosystem. In addition to being a speaker at different events and mentoring acceleration programs around the world, he served as a facilitator for several EU projects, such as Soft-Landing, Ryme + and Startup Lighthouse, and is currently the manager of the European Union Innovation Center in India, the EU-India Innocenter.
E-book - Sacadas de Empreendedor por Erico Rocha

Schedule a 30min Free Consultation!

Make an appointment with our CEO, get a free internationalization diagnosis for your business and understand all the benefits that our Hub can offer for your startup.

Why are we essential for you?

We offer a complete and exclusive package to help you in each and every stage of your international expansion. From the needed skills to understanding the best ways to enter a new country - we got you covered. 

In addition to that, we bring the experience of many entrepreneurs around the world to share their successful stories and mitigate your risks while expanding abroad. 


“Go Global tool was the perfect tool to start designing our scale-out strategy” 

Andrei Spataru
CEO of IBC Focus

“uGlobally's tools were extremely useful for the development of activities and strategies that our company needed to set up to start the internationalization process.”

CTO Five Validation

"uGlobally made me understand that internationalization is not as hard as it seems and that my product could reach global markets faster than I’ve ever imagined."

Leandro Kasan
CEO GuitarPlayOnline

Our Plan

Market Fit Calculator                                                             € 99
Group mentoring                                                                    € 79
uGlobally Community                                                            € 79
Internationalization courses                                              € 590
Road to Success                                                                   € 199
World Startup Tour                                                              € 199

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International Expansion Workshops 
Road to Success - Learn from other entrepreneurs
World Startup Tour - Deep dive into different ecosystems
uGlobally Tools 
Collective Mentoring
Access to our international community 
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Coaches Cupom
uGlobally's Support
Individual Consulting
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